Ways to Cope with Exam Stress and Keep Focused


When exams are close, it is normal to feel stressed. Sometimes it gets worse to a point where you are head feels like bursting. It is hard to manage stress, and when you experience it, you have to go through a lot. Students go through hell because both parents and teachers give them targets. If your parent wants you to top in class, there’s no way you will not get stressed. Most students fear failure; that is why they either get anxious or stressed when exams are close. If you’re not feeling well because exams are near, you are not alone. Many learners are dealing with the same problem as you. There are ways you can deal with anxiety and stress.


Putting Things into Perspective 

The only solution here is refraining. It will help you manage your stress. The only way you can be stress-free is by taking exams positively. Exams are milestones that pass. That is how you should convince yourself all the time. Ask yourself questions about the exams and give yourself answers.



Even if you have to study hard to pass your exams, do not forget to rest. Rest is vital, and there’s no way you can be productive without it. If you have proper rest, you are mental health will be in check, allowing you to read better. Never waste time cramming for 2 hours and more because you will be lying to yourself. Instead, there’s a different method you can use. You can study for 30 minutes, then rest for 5 minutes, and then continue reading again. It is a good idea to take small breaks so that you don’t overwork your brain. You have to be disciplined and ensure that you do not extend it when you take a 5 minutes break. After you complete reading, you can go ahead and do other things.



Most people fear exercising because it requires too much energy. Working out is a perfect way of relieving stress. When you exercise, your brain relaxes, and that makes you forget about all your problems. Your mood will be good, and you’ll be more refreshed. If you can’t exercise, you can choose to take 20 minutes. It is also a form of exercise.


Ways of Managing Time 

Stress is not the only problem students go through during exams. There are other factors. Time is essential, and if you want to do things the right way, you have to manage your time. If you don’t want to feel pressured in any way, it is good to use your time wisely.


Organize your Priorities 

When you’re experiencing strengths, it is essential to focus on vital things. It will help you deal with important things at your own pace rather than waiting for the last minute. The best way to do this is to know all your priorities.



If you want to succeed in life, you have to plan for yourself. There’s no way you can survive if you don’t take the time to plan anything. When you plan for yourself, ensure that you complete essential activities first. Every day before you go back home from school, check your plans so that you are ready to deal with crucial activities. It will also give you an easy time to remain focused and motivated.


Final words 

When you have a lot of stress, it is easy to forget about the good habits and go back to the bad ones. You will start postponing things, complaining a lot, and blaming people. If you have a hard time coping with it alone, you can seek help by talking to people. Avoid struggling alone when you can get assistance. The best way to deal with stress is by doing the right thing.


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